How did you get your GCI nickname?

Nicknames were an important part of school life in GCI. Most of us had a nickname,most of which came from parody on real names or the student's habits. Some were heart-lifting and some cruel. Most of such nicknames followed you through school ans even through life. How did you get your nickname? Share your special story below!

School Emblem

The emblem is simply two interlacing triangles with GCI designed inside their centre. The interlacing triangles appeared in the penny, half-penny and farthing (one-tenth of a penny) coins of the colonial era of Nigeria and the use of the triangles in the design of the school emblem no doubt indicated the Government ownership of the school

Protestation of Loyalty

I pledge myself to remember that at all times and in all places, I am a representative of Government College Ibadan. I promise to refrain from any word or deed which can bring discredit upon it.
I will endeavour at all times to be loyal to the members of staff and to all my school fellows.
I would ever seek to be worthy of Government College, to add to its lustre, and to cherish its highest traditions.


The traditional ruler of Ido Ani, Ondo State, Oba Major Gen. Olufemi Olutoye (rtd.) (Grier,1945), known as Olutoye Samuel while in Government College, recounts his part in the January 1966 Coup in an interview with Nigerian Tribune in 2016.

How was your growing up period like before joining the military?

This is My Story of GCI

Government College Ibadan was a natural choice for me to make because it was one of the top schools in the Western Region at that time. I grew up in Ibadan where I had my primary school education. My uncle who knew much about GCI recommended the college and coincidentally, the Principal, Chief J. B. Ojo, happened to be my father's friend. Although I considered about three other options for my secondary school education, namely Igbobi College, Lagos; St. Finbarr's College, Akoka, Lagos and GCI, I worked hard at making it to GCI because it had a highly competitive admission

Insurrection at Apata Ganga

- The DJB/JBO Revolt

It was sometime in 1968 when the news went round that our school Principal, Mr. D. J. Bullock (popularly referred to as "DJB"), who we had grown extremely fond of, was to be transferred to Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro. In exchange, Chief J. B. O. Ojo, an Old Boy of the school, who was then the Principal of Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro, was to be our new Principal. We literally flipped and the entire school went berserk, riotous and became ungovernable! "Nibo? Ko possible !"

Tribute to Aro Black

Our Grier Housemaster

The 1971 Swimming Championships:

Looking back made me lose vital race

Rebellion Against Punishment

- Turning The Tables!

Snippets of My Memorable Experience:

Forced Change of Name

Alexander Adeyinka Adebayo, who was one year my senior harassed and embarrassed me into dropping my first name Alexander for my other name Oluwagbemiga, on the ground that I could not be bearing the same name Alexander with him. I was in Class One then and we were both in Swanston House. Now, what could a newcomer do then? However, irrespective of that, Alexander remains still part of my identity.

The supremacy fight


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