J.K., the exceptionally talented art teacher can be said to feel inferior to tutors with higher paper qualifications than himself at college. J.K. tends to be aggressive towards such "superior" colleagues of his at the slightest provocation.
Mr Egube, the chemistry teacher who is well-endowed with backward protruding buttocks, has been standing on the corridor of classroom 2 waiting patiently for J.K. to end his art class which has overshot by about 10 minutes. Because there is no sign of J.K. bringing his lesson to an end, Mr Egube draws J.K.'s attention to the time. J.K. ignores Mr Egube and continues with his lesson but eventually vacates the classroom.
Later that afternoon J.K. goes back alone to sketch on the blackboard, his impression of Mr Egube's person whose huge buttocks J.K. highlights exaggeratedly. J.K. signs off by writing below the drawing I caricature Egube, a remark he ought to have saved himself because there is no mistaking who has been sketched. J.K. asks that the drawing be left intact.
On reconvening the following morning, Mr Egube and the boys see the drawing. As Mr Egube tries to demonstrate the posture sketched by J.K., everyone including Mr Egube burst into a hilarious laughter and all roared: I CARICATURE EGUBE.

Written by: Olutunde Oni (1137, 1960)
Culled from the GCIOBA 2004 Reunion Brochure.