Powell House


Year Founded: 1973
House Patron: Lord V.B.V. Powell
First House Master: Mr A.S. Emordi
House Colour: Purple
House Emblem: Lion
House Motto: "From East And from West Came We"

Powell House, the youngest of the five Houses came into existence 44 years after GCI was established, precisely, February 23, 1973. The House was birthed under the management of Chief J.B.O. Ojo (1940), Principal (1968 -1974) who also doubles as an Old Boy. It was christened 'Powell House' in tribute to Mr V.B.V. Powell, an eminent Educationist who had served GCI meritoriously for seventeen continuous years (1930-1947) since inception of the School and in various capacities as English and History Teacher, first House Master of Grier House and Principal (1943 - 1947). He was keen on the development of Sports in the College. The mascot of the House is 'Lion' which was coiled from the respectfulness and fearfulness GCI Boys had for the maiden House Master, Mr A.S. Emordi, a Wood-Work Teacher and disciplinarian, who was greatly endowed with a well-built huge physique. Purple colour was considered to suit the royal animal and Odeyemi (1959) of Field House coloured the face of the lion which adorned Powell House. With respect to the colour, 'Up Purple!' became the slogan of the House.
House Song:

1. From East and from West came we
To lodge in thee, royal host
Came to put life into thee
To make thee great is a must
What a house, it shines like as
Diamond among rough stones
We in you shall not be drones
We shall make you polished brass.

2. On the field or in the school
Towards evening or at noon
We shall employ every tool
That school glories may be won
Powell House is full of young blood
In the building, in the boys
It shall not be just our noise
But our trophy-tray must flood.

3. See the violet arise
Mustard seed mixed with the swan
Born a leader Powell is
From him, older brothers learn
Neatness, sports and discipline
Beautiful environment
From these our way'll not bend
And our glory never less.