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GCIOBA 80th Anniversary Blues

To My GCIOB Brethren

My 80th Anniversary Blues

A Call To Action

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Tune: School Song

1. School of our pride built on the rock
By order, justice and fair play ruled
May what we dare to learn from thee in youth

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Tune: Grier House Song

1. O Grier House, let us for thy dear honour yearn
Let us from experience past this lesson learnt

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Tune: Field House Song

1. Foremost stands the sun in heaven
Foremost! Field House in this School
Field House is our inspiration

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Tune: Powell House Song

1. From East and from West came we
To lodge in thee, royal host
Came to put life into thee
To make thee great is a must

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Tune: Swanston House Song

Tune: Londonderry Air

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Tune: Carr House Song

From Tune of the hymn Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken , by Haydn.

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