Mr. L.G. Oyebanji took over from Mr. A.A. Osunbumi in August 1992 and he was just settling down to business when he was transferred out of GCI in December 1992. The 5 months he spent were very eventful.

He was dynamic and well focused. He had mapped out good strategies that would ensure that the College had a good turn-around. Each Department was empowered to come out with ideas that would lead to improvement and he was prepared to fund the plans.

In the dormitory, he took very good care of the boys-bought television sets, table tennis tables, bats and balls, etc. to make sure that the boys were happy.

Within 5 months, Mr. Oyebanji touched the lives of his members of staff and student body so much that by the time he was transferred to the Ministry of Education Headquarters, every member of the GCI community was sad.


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