GCIOBA National Body Provides Glo Intercom Service And Gadgets For GCI


As part of the ongoing efforts in restoring excellence to Government College Ibadan, the National Body of Government College Ibadan Old Boys Association, GCIOBA under the leadership of Chief Biodun Jolaoso (Carr, 1964) has procured Globacom intercom service and gadgets for the school.

The intercom service provided is aimed at promoting smooth communication at a cheaper rate between the three schools (Junior Schools I and II and Senior School), between the various Departments in the school, between the school and parents of the students, between the members of staff and students, and also between Old Boys and their Alma Mater.

About thirteen (13) customised phone numbers were allocated to the school, to be stationed at strategic offices and departments such as the Principals' offices; Science, Mathematics, Humanities Departments; School Dormitory, GCIOBA Administrative Office and the Security Unit.

The Senior School Principal, Dr Tunde Odekunle can now be reached on 0705 643 6092 while the GCIOBA Administrative Secretary, Mr. Samuel Iseniyi can be reached on 0705 643 6081. Junior School I and Junior School II can also be reached on 0705 643 6045 & 0705 643 6048, and 0705 643 6050 & 0705 643 6052 respectively. The Security Unit's line is 0705 643 6055.

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