GCI Principal's Speech At The School's 2018 Valedictory Service

GCI Principal's Speech At The School's 2018 Valedictory Service


The Hon. Commissioner for Education,
The Chairman for the occasion,
The Guest Speaker,
The National President (GCIOBA),
The Executive members (National/Branches),
The Executive members (Parents/Teachers Association),
Distinguished Parents,
Our graduands,
Gentlemen of the Press,
Ladies and gentlemen.

Let me first of all appreciate Almighty God for His love and mercies over us, considering the entire population of the school, no life was lost either among students or staff since I assumed office as Principal GCI. Glory be to God.

I give kudos to Government College Ibadan Old Boys’ Association both in Nigeria and in the diaspora for their numerous supportive roles played in resuscitating GCI from academic and infrastructural doldrums. Your kind gesture intrinsically reinforces my desire to do more for our great alma-mater (GCI). We shall never labour in vain.

Ladies and gentlemen, educationists emphasise the importance of reinforcement in academics which can be regarded as application of positive stimulus to elicit a desirable response for the sake of repeating that desirable behaviour. That exactly is the reason for being here today to celebrate hard work and further educate the complacent individuals to buckle down.

(i) Administration
Operationally, as contained in the education policy, GCI comprises one (1) Senior and two (2) Junior Schools. Let me thank my lieutenants Messers Oluwole Adewale and Yinusa Ibrahim for extending to me hands of fellowship and spirit of comradeship. The school still waxes very strong in one voice.

(ii) The School Governing Board
This board ably led by Banwo Smith is working hard monitoring the activities in the school and ensuring the standard expected of GCI is not compromised.
I appreciate you all for your love and steadfastness in this selfless service. God bless you.

(iii) GCI Old Boys’ Association
This noble and dynamic association ably led by Abiodun Jolaoso has unprecedentedly been commissioning projects like never before since I assumed office as Principal. Teachers were also recruited to complement the existing ones. Periodic visits are paid to the school to know where again the shoe pinches. In the diaspora, Deola Popoola and his team synergise ideas with the home chapter in the rebranding process. The Field marshals/senior advocates of GCI Education Trust Fund, Roluga and Yomi Jones also need to be appreciated for their tireless crusade for a better GCI. Yanju Adegbite is also lauded for the press coverage of all GCI activities. Our Patron, Lalekan Are is always prepared to go extra miles to sustain the glory of the College. You are all wonderful, Sirs.

An adage says “time waits for no man” I wish to strongly advise our noble association that the fund already realised be gradually utilized in earnest so that its value will not be eroded by the inflationary trend in the country. God bless you all.

(iv) Discipline
Ladies and gentlemen, I give kudos to my boys for none among them has engaged in street fighting or constituting nuisance to the public since I took up the administration of the school. This might be as a result of daily moral tit-bits and counselling held on the assembly ground.
Moreover, my boys dress decently. Also, destruction of school property has become history since the administration introduced “destroy one and replace three” policy.

(v) Quality Assurance Measures
a) GCI now marks attendance on the assembly ground and this has impacted positively on the punctuality behaviour of the students.
At least, one common error in English Language is also treated daily which makes the gathering lively.

b) GCI has equally introduced “no textbooks, no GCI” policy having discovered that 70% of GCI boys lacked the required textbooks. We have recorded significant success in this regard and better results consequently await GCI years to come.

c) Weekly, teachers in each department showcase their works and brainstorm on ways forward to facilitate effective teaching and learning process.

d) Teachers are also exposed to seminars and workshops in addition to early morning/daily educative briefings held after assembly.

e) Moreover, for the first time, GCI commenced centralised promotion examination where in all classes sit in the same examination hall and mixed to avert malpractices.

f) Newspapers are purchased daily to keep the students abreast of global happenings.

g) School-on-air programme has also been launched for students’ patronage with the view to giving them opportunity to always prepare ahead of classes.

h) Our boys also go on excursions to complement classroom teaching.

(vi) Security
I am bold and happy to inform you that GCI irrespective of its porosity is very peaceful since apprehended miscreants were prosecuted and jailed last year. GCI is peaceful. All commissioned projects are intact, so I assure GCIOBA of adequate protection of our projects. Please, ride on.

(vii) Agriculture
GCI is an agrarian community. The school cultivates land for crops production and raises a poultry and rabbit farm too. Kudos to ’61 Class Set for their unrelenting effort in sustaining our Agric. Science Department. God bless you Sirs.

(viii) The Library
This edifice which many universities pray to have is given due attention in terms of maintenance and maximum utilization. I thank ’78 Class Set, Yomi Jones, Mosuro (Booksellers), Leye Falore, Raymond Zard and Lalekan Are for their contributions in terms of textbooks.

(ix) Clubs/Societies
 Life has been injected into the Cadet Unit and has become functional and disciplined.
 The Red Cross Society which was inaugurated exactly a year ago has performed wonderfully by resuscitating students who experience crises either on assembly ground or in sports.
 The Press Club pays periodic visits to eminent people/Old Boys, share experiences with them and give reports on school bulletin boards.
 The Photographic Club which was established by ’91 January Class Set is performing wonders in terms of skill acquisition training for the students.
 The Junior Engineers and Technicians (JETS) is still performing creditably well.

(x) Sports
In the sports field, GCI remains a force to be reckoned with especially in athletics, hockey, volleyball and football. All hands are on deck ensuring better performance in cricket. Kudos to ’76 boys (courtesy Olubi Adejobi) for the donation of a new cricket pitch to add value to sporting activities in the school. Abayomi Oke Oyo State Commissioner for Youth and Sports also donated sporting equipment to the school. God bless you, Sirs.

Achievements Recorded
a) On Sunday, 27th May 2018 March Past Competition was organized for Schools by Oyo State Government. GCI Came 1st for the first time in 25 years reclaiming our birthright.

b) The Justice, Development and Peace Commission (a non-governmental organisation) organised “Child Rights oriented Competition” which involved written and oral tests. GCI came 1st winning Books voucher worth Twenty-Five Thousand Naira (N25,0000). The books are in the library for students’ use.

c) For the first time in many years, the combined choir of GCI and QSI was resuscitated and held 2017 Christmas Carol on Sunday, 10th December, 2017.

d) Also, the nostalgic House supper was organised on Monday 23rd July, 2018. It was held in the Assembly Hall to restore the tradition of GCI.

e) Visits were paid to Old Boys’ former Principals namely Pa J.O. Molomo and O.A. Adesoji to share GCI traditions and wealth of experience with the younger generation.

f) GCI featured prominently at Niyi Osundare international poetry festival held at Lead City University Ibadan conference centre held recently.

g) GCI athletics team came first in South West Local Government and Ibadan City athletics competitions.

h) The School relay team came first throughout this academic session in all invitation relays from schools such as: Baptist Grammar School Idi-Isin Ibadan; Golding Cross School Ibadan; School of Science, Pade; Queens’ School, Ibadan; Emmanuel Alayande School of Science, Oke-Bola etc.

i) GCI representing Oyo State
• 5 GCI boys are currently in Oyo State Hockey team that is going for National Sports festival in Ilorin coming up in September 2018.
• 6 GCI boys are in Oyo State volleyball team preparing for National Sports festival in Ilorin.
• GCI athletics team dominates the Oyo State Athletics participating in National Sports Festival in Ilorin. 100m, 200m both under 15&17 relay teams.
• One GCI boy is a member of under 15 basketball team representing Oyo State in National Sports festival.

Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you all for your love and support throughout the session. By next session, God willing, we shall move to the next level. I thank you for coming.

Dr. B.T. Odekunle

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