GCI 2015/2016 Valedictory Speech and Prize Giving Day.

A Cadet Officer in a bid to take the distinguished Guests of Honour on an inspection tour, during the 2015/2016 Valedictory Speech and Prize Giving Day of the School on 7th September, 2016 at the School Assembly Hall.

1. ?
2. Fasina Olatunbosun (Swanston, 1984) - son of late Mr G.O. Fasina who was a Principal at GCI between 1984 and 1987;
3. ?
4. Mr Ajekigbe - an ex-Principal of GCI between 1999 and 2000
5. Femi Alafe-Aloko (1972) - former Teacher at GCI, and Guest Speaker of the event.
6. Pastor Simeon Olusola Oladele - The School Principal
7. Femi Babalola (Carr, 1975) - GCIOBA Ibadan Branch Chairman,
8. Olaleye Falore (Carr, 1962) - the first National Vice-President of GCIOBA



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