A Family Tree in Field House

Adelanwa Muyibi (1951) and Akinola (1951) were the direct Boys of late Badiru (1950) in Field House, at Government College Ibadan in 1951.

Adelanwa Muyibi (1951) (now Admiral Michael Adelanwa rtd.) is pictured on the right with Olowu (1973) on the left.

The picture was taken at the Funeral Ceremony of Late Mrs Rosemary Olanrewaju Adelanwa - the Young Girl of Adelanwa Muyibi (1951) on the 9th of November, 2017 at Maryland, Lagos.

Badiru (Powell, 1973) who provided the information about this GCI Family Tree, is the son of late Badiru (1950). He is also Olowu's classmate.



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