ADEOTI Adeniyi Abiodun


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Profile of Adeniyi Abiodun ADEOTI

Date of Birth - 1st of January 1969
State of Origin - Oyo
Schools Attended:
IMG Primary School, Moor-Plantation,
Government College lbadan,
International Institute of Journalism,
University of lbadan (BSc in Political Science)

Membership of Organizations
- Rotary Club of lbadan - Oritamefa
- Federation of lndependent Broadcasters of Nigeria
- Association of Nigerian Writers

Working Experience
Justice Development and Peace Commission (an international non-governmental organization of the Catholic Church)
Cited Consulting Firm

Activities in GCIOBA
1. GCIOBA National Assistant Secretary 1
2. Secretary, GCI Educational Foundation Management Team
3. Member, GCIOBA Asset Management Committee
4. Member, GCIOBA Annual Reunion Committee from 2012-till date
5. GCIOBA Ibadan Branch Vice Chairman
6. Secretary, Class of 1980.
7. Past GCIOBA National Social Secretary
8. Past GCIOBA National Assistant Secretary 2
9. Past Secretary, GCIOBA lbadan Branch
10. Past Social Secretary, GCIOBA lbadan Branch.

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