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ADEKUNLE Adeniyi Oladepo
BSc(Hons) (Ibadan), MSc (Ibadan), MPhil (Ibadan), PGC (Dublin)

Adeniyi Oladepo Adekunle doubles as the Senior Training Manager of African Biosciences Limited, Ibadan and Chief Executive Officer of Maven Ventures Ltd. A versatile, well-exposed physical scientist and administrator, Mr Adekunle has special interests in the academic disciplines of theoretical and computational chemistry, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, and the applied fields of industrial molecular biotechnology and also science and technology entrepreneurship.

Adeniyi Adekunle was born on the 14th day of September, 1959 in the cultural city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria as the last child with four other siblings (two sisters and two brothers) to a highly respected senior civil servant and administrator of his generation and later community leader, late Chief M.P. Adekunle, and a housewife mother.

He commenced elementary schooling at Saint Paul’s Primary School, Yemetu, Ibadan in January 1966, after which he proceeded to the prestigious Government College Ibadan for his secondary school education in January 1972, finishing in June 1976. Thereafter, he attended the University of Ife (now, Obafemi Awolowo University) between 1976 and 1977 for his university preliminary studies in the sciences -- Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.

He transferred his studentship to the University of Ibadan where he graduated in July1980 with a honours degree in Chemistry. His quest for deeper understanding and specialization in chemistry propelled him to acquire two advanced degrees in physical chemistry, with focus on theoretical and computational chemistry and also molecular spectroscopy, between 1981 and 1989 and both from the same, first among its equals, University of Ibadan. In 1989, he got invited as a visiting research scholar at professorial level to the Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory of University College Dublin, Ireland during which period he was able to attend an international, one-week intensive postgraduate certificate course on the latest techniques of advanced inorganic chemistry.

His professional career could be dated back to Kebbi State Polytechnic (formerly, Sokoto State Polytechnic), Birnin-Kebbi where he served as chemistry lecturer as a member of National Youth Service Corps in 1980. After youth service, Mr Adekunle continued with his teaching career as a science and maths tutor at Adekile Goodwill Grammar School, Ibadan in 1981. Thereafter, he proceeded to University of Ibadan, Ibadan as a graduate assistant in 1982 where he taught university introductory courses in chemistry. From 1988 to 2006, he also had other opportunities to teach courses in physical chemistry in some institutions of higher learning, including the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (formerly, Ogun State Polytechnic), Olabisi Onabanjo University (formerly, Ogun State University) and Bells University of Technology.

As a physical scientist gifted with excellent literary prowess, he once practiced as a list-building and science editor with the then Cambridge University Press, now Nigeria Publisher's Services, and later as institute science writer and editor at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, being the first African ever.

The polymath also belongs to several professional and cultural associations and serves at various levels, among which are the European Association of Science Editors, the Association of West African Book Editors, the National Association of Science Editors, the Chemical Society of Nigeria, etc. He is also active as a member of UNESCO Fellows, University of Ibadan Alumni Association, and Government College Ibadan Old Boys’ Association (GCIOBA) where recently he served as Secretary (Ibadan Branch) for over eight years.

Mr Adekunle had attended many professional workshops and conferences in the past, such as: Irish Chemical Society Annual Conferences, Greystones; Workshop on Computer Algebra Techniques, Abuja; Workshop on Linear and Non-Linear Analysis in Science and Engineering, Abuja; African Mathematical Union Conference on Trends and Advances in Mathematics, Ibadan; International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Supervisory Management Training Workshop, Ibadan, etc.

In 1993, he brought his wealth of experience and professional competence to establish first, Maven Consulting -- a science and technology consulting services firm; then later in 1998, Maven Publishing -- as publisher of educational titles and other genres, with editorial and publishing consulting; and in 2005, Maven Environmental Services -- a leading environmental services firm for corporate entities. All these firms are under Maven Ventures as their holding company and are in maximal operations to date. Through them and the various past jobs brilliantly and profitably executed, Mr Adekunle had proven himself as a scientist and teacher par excellence, an astute business administrator, and a scholarly editor, publisher and author of several books and many academic articles.

Mr Adekunle who is currently working with some international friends and contacts is the President and Founder of the International Centre for Theoretical and Computational Sciences (ICTCS), Ibadan, Nigeria. ICTCS, his legacy project, is dedicated to introducing young African scholars to the sophisticated but versatile disciplines of theoretical and computational sciences through engagements in research and training.

This enigmatic and global-minded entrepreneur, scientist and publisher thus parades exceptional skills-set that makes him exceedingly competitive for opportunities worldwide. The genial and suave IT savvy, multi-perspective thinker and analyst, is also a multicultural and multi-inspiring leader, mentor and administrator.

Maven, as the entrepreneurial Mr Adekunle is fondly called in business or commercial circles, speaks English and Yoruba fluently but has limited ability in French and Hausa languages. He takes delight in reading and tourism and also in playing table-tennis and computer games.

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