16 Years Old Akindeko's (1930) Letter To The Inspector Of Education In 1931

Gabriel Akinola Deko,Akindeko's Letter to Inspector of Education,GCI,Exhibition

This boy is about 16. He is very good at making things in the (?).

Government College

Dear Sir,

I am rather sorry to have kept so long before writing you, the reason, I should say is due to specially to my precious thought that you would have left for (?). But now being too late, I 've got to write, knowing that wherever you are the letter will be directed to you although it may be a little bit late before received.

It was a pretty journey we had the other day on our way from Lagos, for all through, I sat at the back of the car I felt very comfortable as the weather was nice and cool and in addition I had the chances of seeing far to every side of the road.

We are at the moment very busy making things ready for the exhibition, and although there had been very little classroom (?) since the beginning of the Term, I dare say that I 've learnt a lot, as it is possible for us to have almost everything done practically now instead of the classroom's theoretical affairs.

Since the beginning of the Term I 've not been able to make any apparatus quite distinct, although I 've set about some which are still in motion. I made another equilibrium apparatus like the one you took away the other day(?) I can't say that it had been finished yet as there had been no suitable base to put on it. Having put that apart Mr Hookins gave me another piece of job which was to make a model of a lock; and although I 've placed the wood ready, I have reef that apart hoping to do it whenever time permits and at the moment I am busy at making an Electro magnet apparatus which I hope will come out well sometimes soon and also will please you when you 'll be here next for I expect you 'll be here for the College exhibition next month.

The next thing I would do I suppose, would be the model of a ozone that would have an electro-magnet on it for carrying loads, this of course (I am not sure) may not be ready for the exhibition.

Sir, I gratefully thank you for the chance that had been given me the other day for visiting some of the workshops at Lagos but then unfortunately you were very busy in the office so that (I suppose) you can't take me to all the places you intended, and also in some of the places we got to, the engines were not actually at work and for all these reasons I could not habe as much as you want me to although I 've learnt a lot, but I should say that I would gladly, gratefully and respectfully welcome any otehr chance that may in future be opened to me just to add more to my knowledge about the big engines and machines.

How proud and joyful would I be if a letter can just be addressed to me from you.

Goodbye Sir

Yours sincerely
(writer's signature)

Gabriel Akinola Deko was a student of Government College Ibadan at the time he wrote the letter, he was in Grier House and was among the pioneer students of the school


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